the hopeless romantic

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The Asides of Life

What is it to be

one single free


writing singing dancing playing?

It’s a home away from home,

the silence in the wind.

to be oneself

and find oneself

amidst a crowd of clowns and imposters.

That journey to the center

that took

hope and failure and truth,

the acceptance

not of the world, but

of your own conscience,

your own mind,

an inner peace that brings


together and brightens your eyes.

But what would it be without

the rocks, the thorns, the asides,

the ones about




and the loss of a good friend,

that bring together

the bigger picture

of everything you ever wanted to be.

It marks the shift

in adolescence

the turning of a page,

the beginning of a new adventure

that began

just as the first,

with every step

every breath I take

I write the next chapter.

And yet

I sometimes wish

to burn the pages of yesterday,

the stories that brought me

to my knees

to my destiny,

the revolutionary tales that

fill my mind

and pump the blood through my veins.

I am otherwise lost

wandering with the souls of the planet,

waiting for the end

with no purpose


or dream,

of a world

beyond all we ever dreamed

all we could live for.

by: Me 

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Come Back

The soft touch of cotton

My hand on my chest

My heart beats faster and faster.

The solemn sound of nothing

My mind wanders

I begin to drift away.

I was in love once

My heart melts for you

Wherever you are right now.

Come back to me.

I so long to be in your arms

To feel the touch of your hand

On my face.

Your lips pressed to mine.

How are you doing?

Do you ever wonder,

About me,

and you?

Your smooth tender skin

I close my eyes

You kiss my neck.

I turn over in the sheets

An empty room with an empty bed

No one to hold on to.

No one worthy, no one right

My heart can’t hear the truth

If only I could see inside you.

Come back to me.

by: Me

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The winter air on my face as I step into the cold

My hands go numb with every step I take

My breath penetrates the cold that encompasses the day

I must make this trek across the land to reach the door.

I spot a ray of sunlight and wish for a moment,

I was that brick being warmed by the sun.

It feels like little needles pinching every inch of me

I race closer and closer to the sun.

My body is too cold to get warm, I keep walking

Dreading every step I took since I left the apartment

I can’t seem to get close enough

I forget why I am out here, why am I so cold?

I begin to hate everything

I try to avoid every breeze of wind, every moment

I approach the door with my stiff hands

An icicle dangles from the handle.

I watch as it begins to melt

My heartbeat slows, I can’t feel my feet

It falls to the ground

Pieces shatter everywhere.

by: Me

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My new puppy :)

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Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

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"And all I believe
Is that you’re my everything
Please don’t walk away
(Pleas stop, don’t keep on walking).
All I can breathe
Is the air of you and me,
Just hold me in my pain
(Just hold me in my pain)."

-Tyler Ward
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Seriously.. couldn’t have put it better myself.
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Seriously.. couldn’t have put it better myself.

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